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Why chose this blog instead of others?

         Get your mind right is an outlet for people to discuss various topics. Adults have so many responsibilities that result in us not having time for ourselves or the resources or time to manage stress. People in society are more stressed than ever. People are more stressed, are dying younger, and are self-medicating with the use of drugs, when all they need to do is just vent about their day or other topics.


           The American Psychological Association (APA) conducts a survey each year to examine the stress levels in America. Check out the link below regarding the survey. Stress levels vary among gender, race, and age but ultimately stress can cause serious health issues such as heart disease, depression, anxiety, and many more. There are various ways to relieve stress such as engaging in exercise (i.e yoga or working out at the gym),

mediation, keeping a journal, and many more. This blog is aimed to be thought-provoking, inspirational, and intellectual.


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