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Do you have any 2017 New Year’s resolutions that you did not complete? What are your goals for 2018?

Last year my New Year’s resolution was to further my education but fear and the lack of money got in the way. This year, I am not creating New Year’s resolutions but I am going to create goals. The fear of not getting accepted to a school, the fear of not having enough money, the fear of not having enough recommendation letters, and the fear of failing.  This year the fear stops now. I will no longer allow fear to control my life and stop myself from obtaining my goals in life. Yet not allowing FEAR (also known as False Evidence Appearing Real) to control my life is a working process that will take some time.  Sometime pride/ individualistic culture gets in the way and causes me to be afraid to ask for help. Western culture teaches us that every man is for themselves instead of thinking more like collectivistic culture. I believe God created humans to help one another. Therefore, my goal this year is to pick a goal that will impact or influence  people in a positive way. Ultimately, I want to further my education in Psychology so that I am able to help people to see themselves in a more positive light. So people can know God created us to be amazing individuals.

Don’t allow fear to control or rule your life.

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