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Intimate Partner Violence

According to the CDC (2017) millions of Americans are affected by intimate partner violence. Intimate partner violence (IPV) is defined as a physical, sexual, or psychological abuse by a current or former partner or spouse (CDC, 2017). In my opinion these events may tend to affect the victims self esteem or self worth sometimes resulting in the victim believing that the partner or the person they are dating are their soulmate. In addition in my opinion, the victims may believe that intimate partner violence is how their partner expresses love. To the abusive partner this toxic relationship can be the equivalence of buying a new house and defacing each layer until there is nothing left so the house can conform to the way abusive partner wants it to appear. Or buying a house on the outside that looks beautiful when all the while the inside of the house has been destroyed. A victim that experiences intimate partner violence results in looking beautiful on the outside while being destroyed internally by being defaced and devalued inside emotionally, psychological, and sometimes physically. Violence in relationships whether physical, sexual, or psychological is used to control their partner and make them submissive to the other partner, which is selfish. If you want your partner to be very submissive then you should buy a robot in my opinion. If you desire a partner who complies with your every need without taking into their significant others needs or opinions then you should not get in a involved in a intimate relationship and should consider talking to a therapists or counselor. In my opinion a successful relationship comprises of 2 individuals working together to permit her or him to be able to achieve their wants and needs. A relationship should not change a person but should affirm the person. I believe that the victims in these types of relationships may possess low self esteem or have been conditioned to believe that violence is an expression that displays love. Some of these victims have been conditioned to accept this type of relationship as the norm. For instance if your dad was violent to your mom, the daughter may believe abuse is an act of love. And the son may think it's okay for him to abuse his partner. If you are reading this and you suffer from intimate partner violence know that you are beautiful or handsome, you are awesome, and you deserved to be treated better. If you think or know someone experiencing intimate partner violence please let someone know such as their family member.

# Don't be an victim of intimate partner violence.

Why do people continue to deal with the same abusive partner that is being violent to them? Is it because they (the victim) believes there is no one else out there for them to date or do they believe that their abusive partner is there soulmate?

Citation: CDC. (2017, August 22). Violence Prevention. Retrieved February 27, 2018, from

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