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Why do people degrade and/or defame homeless people?

What's crazy, is that people, that we categorize as homeless have a family or support system. But, once the person is down on their luck or becomes homeless, their family or support system and society abandons them at the same time. By not providing help or assistance for them to get back on their feet, but instead blames the victim.

Instead, let's do better and stop defaming and degrading homeless people because they have a story too. Maybe you should talk to a homeless person and you will see what I mean.

Most Americans are one check away from being homeless . And the percentage has increased since 2017. Why do we as humans, define people's importance based upon their Socioeconomic status (SES)?  It seems like, if you don't have a powerful  position or a high socioeconomic status this equates  a person not being worth anyone spending their  time to talk with you or help you.

People we categorize as homeless once had a life. They may have been a teacher,  or possess a doctorate degree (PhD), or a veteran, and etc. But due to unforeseen circumstances such as getting sick and being unable to pay medical bills, or an extreme storm occurring where a person loses all their valuables, or makes a bad decision such as gambling their money away. May equate them with becoming homeless.

Let's stop degrading the homeless, and instead let's help them get back on their feet. And let's not just help the homeless during the holidays but all through the year. If you can't help the homeless at least have compassion for them.

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